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  1. snafu

    MOW 1/12/19

    TY ALL It was a good game I really thought you were going to get me in the end LadyCON but luckily my cards turned for the better and was able to hold you off. You played a great game. Not only was the game sweet with the 3 in a row win but I had a Royal Flush and a 4 of kind bonus to add on to...
  2. snafu

    Well done Snafu (New MOW Champ)

    Thank you very much Ned and Con. Good Luck to TPP.
  3. snafu

    Well done Snafu (New MOW Champ)

    TY All it was a good game. That was a sure battle Vic Good Game. Back to Back Wins....Woot!!!
  4. snafu

    Bandit needs our prayers again . . .

    So Very Sorry to Hear This Bandit. Prayers sent for You and Your Family.
  5. snafu

    Updates New Years Update

    Awesome changes joe. Thanks for all you do for the site.
  6. snafu

    TOW Dec 29

    Congrats Kampr Very Well Played and congrats to Royal Rush for the 5th Win
  7. snafu


    Happy Birthday Moni Have a Wonderful Day & Many MORE :emoji_birthday::emoji_birthday:
  8. snafu

    Merry Christmas Fatcatters

  9. snafu

    Merry Christmas Fatcatters

    TY Merry Christmas to ALL and a Happy New Year
  10. snafu

    TOW Dec 22

    TY CC Congrats on the win was a good game
  11. snafu

    Updates Site Updated, I apologize for the delay.

    OOPS dang it I'm not having problems with chrome I am having problems using ms edge. chrome works fine but i get that message when trying to use edge.
  12. snafu

    Updates Site Updated, I apologize for the delay.

    I get the same message when using chrome CC....
  13. snafu

    Updates Site Updated, I apologize for the delay.

    Thanks Joe looks great.
  14. snafu

    Game to honour Mrs Blue

    Very Nice CC. I'll be here.....
  15. snafu

    With extreme sorry I am sad to pass on

    So sorry to hear. RIP Mrs Blue. Heartfelt Condolences to the Family.
  16. snafu


    Thank you Kampr I switched to Chrome and so far so good. Like I said to Vic Time will Thank You again Kampr.
  17. snafu


    Thank you Vic MS Edge is what I normally use. Don't know why it stopped working but I am using Chrome now and it seems to be working at present. Time will tell. Thank You for your input.
  18. snafu


    Thanks CC but I did that 4 times but didn't work. Even rebooted and then just completely shut down for a while and nothing.....LOL Also noticed games in lobby not listed up to time. Maybe joe is working on site. I don't know. Thanks again
  19. snafu


    Is anyone having problems getting to games?? I can get to lobby but not games !!!!
  20. snafu

    Prayers for Bandit and her family

    So sorry to learn of this My Prayers are with you and family.