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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BigC, May 18, 2018.

  1. MissMousse

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    and GOTCHA, thank you for all your support to keep this site going. having this site to pass the time with has helped so many of us. this place was a God send for me during all the proceeders on my back.
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    I never once singled out anyone my whole point is that ALL chips earned on the rings should not count towards the round score, at no point did i ever say only certain people, or only after a certain amount. ALL means all players all teams.
    The rings indeed do serve a purpose and its good to have the bots to play when no one is available to play, but in my opinion those chips are not earned in the premise of team play, team vs team , human vs human. As I have said the program will never change even after humans figure out how to win more often than lose.
    Sorry if you felt I was finger pointing , my intent was across the board , the only example i made was the players who play them more often than not are easily distinguished by the fact their lifetime chip count is 2, 3 or more times the chip counts of those that dont play them a lot this proves how much easier chips can be amassed on these tables.,Once again this is their prerogative to spend more time there accumulating these chips, but as i said before chips earned against a program that is predictable are not the same as chips earned against fellow fatcatters & human beings.
  3. BigC

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    The chips gained from beating a program and not playing a live player SHOULD NOT COUNT TOWARDS A ROUND on any team..
    Individual that seems more appropriate....Those that put in the time to gain those chips can have the individual payout..

    Coach wasn't attacking anyone just stating what seems to be fair and if playing robots is fair on a TEAM SITE why call it a TEAM site...
    I have nothing against those that have gained millions...

    Boredom is one thing but,millions is another..
    It has went past the boredom part and now it is personal gain....

    As for me i would give back all i gained from robotville just to keep the playing field level..

    Edit: As for the threat to donations what is the difference gotcha in you informing all what you have paid and pay every quarter? Don't get me wrong i am glad you have the funds to do so..But throwing that out into conversation is no different then then what you think are so called threats NOT to donate!!

    I haven't seen any threats not to donate if your referring to me all i said was i can't donate to a broke site...
    If it was running smoother then it is right now yes i will donate.I hope a lot more people would donate.
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