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    I am fully confident that most old members would help a newbie or person in need. I have in the past contacted Joe via email and I will say he has always been quick to reply, very helpful and has sorted out any problems. He also explained why forum is blocked until joining, and the reasons why each new member needs to be checked out---which I fully understand and agree with and so would most previous members I suspect

    However, it still causes problems for people accessing site and newbies would not usually have the patience to persist with site. Most people don't like to ask for help---perhaps because they think it is something they are doing and not the site.....most newbies join the site to play a game immediately after they join the site...spending a half hour or more will deter most and their patience runs thin.....especially if there is no one around to help. Having said that, it is not the fault of anyone or the site ...but there should be ways to alleviate that and from my observations there are.....so here are a few suggestions that may help

    ** Upon registration an auto email gets sent to the persons email addy like this

    Welcome Sharron123 great to have you here, in order to complete your registration or reactivate your account at Team FatCat, you need to confirm your email address by following the link below.The link below is to confirm but please be aware that for security reasons we need to manually activate the account after confirmation is received and as our management are all volunteers this could take 24- 48 hours ( not sure of the basic time length). We look forward to seeing you play at the site. If you have any problems or if there is no confirmation please email ( either Joe or Mufasa email). Thank you for your patience
    Confirm Account

    Thanks for registering.
    Team FatCat

    *** When confirmation email is sent this is currently how it looks

    Sharron123, the account you registered at Team FatCat has now been approved. You may now visit our site as a registered member.
    https://www.teamfatcat.com/ this link should be redirected to the FAQ rather than to the face of forum ......I know there is no info there ...but if someone could take the time to make a list of ALL questions that are often asked e.g where do I go to play poker, the problem with firefox, Team registration posting in forum etc etc ---then newbies would probably go to that link if they strike trouble ......you could also have a list of those willing to help ---emails or contacts posted there should they need more help

    Thanks for registering. Your registration is now complete.
    Team FatCat

    Personally I had no problem accessing tables and I am on firefox...i did click register and it said I couldn't (but I was too late) however when I clicked another tourney that was registering it continued with the same message---I ignored it and clicked registered again it finally took me there.....so think this should be fixed if possible

    ***......I have read some posts where members have asked for half hour games and although this would be more work for Joe ...I do think it is vital at this stage while membership is low...mainly for the reason that newbies need to playing as soon as possible to get them interested...waiting causes disinterest and they move on

    Anyhow these are just a few observations...take what you can from it and I hope it helps in someway tcxx
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  2. GOBBY

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    hi Sharron. and welcome to team fatcat .
    I use the mobile lobby for tournament registering, and i use poker lobby to chat and play at the ring tables.
    I have had plenty of help finding my way around the new site via members in the lobby, just by simply asking.
    I also like the concept of tournaments on the hour every hour, because you always know when there starting. :)
    as the site grows i'm sure all improvements will be met because of the members and staffs dedication to this site and team poker play.
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  3. FatCat

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    I have been working to setting up half hour games, I did ask if anyone would care for 7 stud card (normal and Hi/Lo) along with Razz and I got no Input so I'm adding them to the mix. Not in special games ATM, but In between games through out the week. Another request that I've received and was later posted as a thread topic was to change up the times on MoW and ToW. I'm working that in the table maker. All tournaments are created automatically 3 days in advanced at midnight and should display approx 6 hours (2 days for big games like MoW and ToW) before the game starts to reduce the number of tournaments that display at one time rather 24 (or 48 for half hour games) show up all at once.

    Although I work today, I should have some time to work on changing some permissions so Mufasa or myself don't have to approve the account to play but rather their first post must be approved, then after that they would able to post and/or PM freely.
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  4. FatCat

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    Forum should now be open again as well as new users able to play right away (least should). I haven't been able to fully test.
    However anyone that has not made at least One post will not be able PM or make posts freely. Your first post must be approved by Mufasa or myself. Why? This is to prevent any spam posts or spam PMs from being sent a message to go to >Insert Site Here<, as both has happened.
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  5. MissMousse

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    joe, really happy to see the additions of more choices to play. love razz. have not played seven card stud in years, so excited to see this addition.

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