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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mufasa, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Mufasa

    Mufasa Administrator Staff Member Chief

    Been to the dr for the last few months checking on my heart and how it operates and the good news is its doing whats it was intended to do, nothing from the tests shows anything wrong with me, Size is good and strong as ever.

    Apparently im healthy from what the cardio dr says.

    Its been a scary few months and he said to follow up with my regular dr from here so all the prayers for me was and is greatly appreciated.

    Love you all to no end thank you.

    We still need donations to come in if you can thank you
  2. HappyKampr

    HappyKampr New Member AMIGOS

    That is good hear about your heart and all is well Mufasa :). That can be a little scary with those kind of test, wondering about the results. You take care....HK ;)
  3. BigC

    BigC New Member RoyalRUSH

    Yep Wes i know that feeling.....I had my heart doing dbl time..I went through the same thing a battery of tests...It is a scary feeling..Especially when you know something isn't right with the ole ticker....

    I'm glad all came out good...Prayers do work....
  4. MissMousse

    MissMousse New Member Chief Bazinga

    Muf, so good to read this. This will now take a lot of additional stress out of your life.
    sending you hugs, lots of them.:)
  5. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    Glad to hear bud.. that is awesome news

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