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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MissMousse, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. MissMousse

    MissMousse New Member Chief Bazinga

    Hello Everyone

    Fatcat now has 213 members but maybe 30 play here on a regular basis. And its these few that I am addressing.

    Over the past 30 days only three people have donated to keep this site going. Only three. I cannot speak for the

    Anonymous person that donated $50.00, or for Lori Sanders donated $40.00, I am speaking for me that donated

    $50.00. I QUIT. Not taking anymore more out of my saving account to help keep this site going, not for people that

    continue to complain about everything here, not for the drama queens that have to stir up crap all the time. And,

    certainly not for people that call people names. People its time for you to step up and contribute to this site if you

    want the site to stilll be here. STICK A FORK IN ME AS I AM DONE.
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  2. kevin1971

    kevin1971 New Member Bazinga

    I stopped donated my 30.00 $ monthly three months ago,I also donated hundreds of $ on the old site,I even donated alot when jazzsinger was in charge.

    Two of the biggest Reassons i stopped donated:

    1. if i am lucky i can play one tournie a week,And sometimes i cant even log into the site when i wanna play TOW

    2. I have been called names aswell and not once or twice but many times by two of the same people who is two of the active players right now (among of the active 30-40 people) both think they make the day great by doing so.(both never donated a single penny here or on the old site wich both gladly says in the chat) they both stalked me for years here.....Only reasson is beacuse i didnt wanted them as facebook friends and join their team on old site.I havent said a word to them in years i just ignore their BS and crap.
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  3. HappyKampr

    HappyKampr New Member AMIGOS

    I am one of the people that is on here daily and I am unable to donate because of a fixed income and hubby says play at a free site. I really feel bad about this and only donated one time in all these years. I have enjoyed meeting and playing with mostly everyone on here and I hope the site can be around longer.....HK
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  4. HappyKampr

    HappyKampr New Member AMIGOS

    BTW, thank you all for being my sunshine every morning on here and making my day. I enjoy each and everyone of you....HK :);):cool::p:D
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  5. snafu

    snafu Member

    Ditto Kampr…(except for the hubby part) :)
  6. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    Its flogging a dead horse, some as mentioned are on fixed incomes and do not have disposable income to spare for a non essential ( but fun) item. Some are having issues playing and have stopped logically for that reason. Lots of people also have the same thought pattern as HK's hubby, there are lots of free poker sites to play. BUT in reality while yes there are lots there are none like fatcat and for that reason I truly hope it manages to survive despite the issues surrounding its financial state.

    Myself I have been unemployed for the last 7 months , and during that 7 months while I could have spent my every waking hour here i haven't, i have chosen to be active around the house and outdoors and on my job search while continuing to play the 2 or 3 games daily as I did when i was working. While its still a site i enjoy its not more important than life and the costs that go along with day to day life. Everyone has a logical reason why they can or cannot donate , kudos to those that have and continue to do so but attempting to shame people into donating is terrible and not the answer as it will never get people to donate if they are not already inclined to do so no matter how frustrated we may get.

    A donation is just that a donation it is not something that people should be shamed into doing to appease those that do donate.

    My thinking is by now the site would hopefully be self sufficient and not need donations, by having a site that is fully functional without glitches and issues it should be able to market itself to online advertisers to pay the bills and hopefully make a small profit for Joe and mufasa for their work.

    However the site is not growing, some have left the site due to issues, several new players play a day or so and leave, most likely due to the lack of active players and games being played. I have no answer as how to fix this other than making it run smoothly without log in issues, and table issues like being folded out of hands, etc. At that point it would be up to us as members to get the word out there, be it on facebook, be it to friends and family, be it on other sites we may play at to increase the membership . I have always strongly believed in the concept of team play and the thought that this could be a functional self supporting site that should also be turning a profit.

    To this point when doughhead still owned the site and after the jazz fiasco , Danny and myself were having conversations of having a group of up to 10 members including ourselves actually purchase the site and try and implement what i just said, get it running with Danny in charge ( not me so relax everyone lol), get membership up and obtain online marketing dollars in the form of ads. I personally have no idea on where and how to find these marketing opportunities, that was Danny's area of expertise. I was just in discussion as a concerned member wiling to help in obtaining the site, and perhaps down the road make a small return on my investment the same as Joe and Mufasa should be getting for their work by this point.

    But until the site is running without any log in issues or table issues its evident there will not be an influx of new players, or old players returning . Without a solid membership rate and lots of people playing and logging in and off the site daily to see the ads I would say no advertiser would be interested in it as it currently sits( but I could well be wrong just my thoughts)

    Most all online poker sites have ads, they are annoying but that is what pays the bills to keep the site running and profitable, not donations. Sadly without something like this i doubt the site will grow and be self supportive and profitable and perhaps it will be the end of fatcat. I dont blame mufasa for not wanting to support the site financially, nor would i expect him to pay back if the site made a profit. I just hope for myself and all members of the site that it will be without glitches without issues and the course of building and marketing keeps the site active for years to come by supporting itself and its admin staff. The site has come a long way and thanks to Joe for what he has done to get to this point but until it clears the final hurdles its doubtful attendance and membership will drastically increase.

    Sorry for the length and agree or disagree this is my thoughts regarding the long term survival of fatcat for all of us and hopefully many more to enjoy for years to come.
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  7. BigC

    BigC New Member RoyalRUSH

    I'll be your huckleberry...;)
    Called me the drama queen call me whatever you want i got big shoulders...;)
    When i play a game and i see a non teamie blatantly team play with another teamie on a team, I'll call them out on it..

    I guess i will be the fatcat badboy....That doesn't bother me one bit.....But when i set it up and watch the cheating i say something...Now call me whatever you want i don't care..Plus i especially do not care about fake game chips..
    What i do care about is this game being played fair....
    It's sad that posts were made about name calling and yet the names get slung go figure...Hypocrisy at it's finest..
    As far as the donations i give when i can....That's all i need to say NOBODY needs to give an explanation as to why they DO give or DO NOT give....

    Thanks your very own drama queen
    The fatcat Bad Boy
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  8. kevin1971

    kevin1971 New Member Bazinga

    BigC i havent been around much or maybe i dont understand English very good to read the signs.....But i do know one thing you are not a drama queen and i know you will tell if something is wrong on table i know that for sure (I seen you called out a teamie on the old site).I do respect you for speaking your mind BigC even if i dont agree everytime :)

    And i am so sorry if my first post in this thread made Coachescorner and HappyKampr say why they didnt donate,,I think thats nobodys buisness To HappyKampr and CoachesCorner i am sorry if it was me you made you to say why.

    And last i am happy to call BigC my facat friend and HappyKampr and CoachesCorner my fat cat friends aswell same with my teamies
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  9. BigC

    BigC New Member RoyalRUSH

    Were good Kevin always have been....I appreciate your honesty and you seem like a man of integrity. :cool:

    Only reason why i am posting this so late the weather woke me and been up every since...
    Got to watch out for things when a tornado watch is in effect..

    Peace bro ;)
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  10. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    No worries kevin, your post did not make me do anything, it was just another example I used to point out why some people cannot donate, everyone has different stresses in their homelife, and as such we all cant do what some expect we should do. I was just pointing out that it is wrong to just assume because 1 person can donate then they should expect ( or hope ) that everyone can.

    I am not ashamed nor hiding that i am looking for work, it is not due to incompetence but rather a shortage of work in the printing industry which is dying and with my age they choose to hire younger people quite simply. As such I had no problems posting my situation but thank you for your concern, and thoughts.

    I respect the reasons why people cannot donate and i give credit to those who can, the donations now on this site are truly just that donations they are not an attempt to buy massive amounts of chips in the donators game by throwing 5 or 10 dollars in monthly like on the old site.

    As such those that do donate deserve credit and respect for their attempts to keep the site afloat well done.
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