Chip Transfers & Round Scores

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BigC, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. BigC

    BigC New Member RoyalRUSH

    Do the chips transferred by players effect round scores ??
    I sent you/admin a pm and have yet to hear back...
    So i am asking here in the forums!!!
  2. GOBBY

    GOBBY New Member Bazinga

    i think it does because after i transfered 150k my round score dropped by the same ammount
  3. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    This was a response Joe made in an earlier thread regarding chip transfers and round scores.. Unless he has changed the settings then they should not affect round scores.

    The transfer section accommodates for Player to Player, Player to Team, and Team to Player. Just select the options accordingly. However only the Chief and Co-Chief have the option to select the Team to Player option. I did say that there is currently no limit on the transfers, but I did encode a limit option for myself if one is ever needed. When I talked to Muf about this 4 months or so ago, I was told DoughBoy put a limit on the chips sent out to players from the team pot because people were abusing the system to boost their individual round score. The way I wrote the transfers was Player to Player AND Team to Player will not affect round scores. Therefor not needing the original purpose of a hard transfer limit. I did encode one just incase its ever needed. I do have some tweaks to make (due to my misconception) but since transfers do not count to any round score anyway. It will still be available to use going forward.
  4. FatCat

    FatCat Administrator Staff Member Test

    Player to player shouldn't effect round scores, I'll have to double check my work and make sure its correct.

    Edit: Player to team transfers seems to effects the round score, I never thought to correct that.

    Edit: Fixed.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  5. BigC

    BigC New Member RoyalRUSH

    Thank you joe.....I knew GOBBY and I were wondering...Glad you looked into this..

    As i posted the site seems to be running smooth.....Your time,your knowledge,is appreciated more then you know....

    Thanks again

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