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  1. GOTCHA2017

    GOTCHA2017 New Member

    I have played probably more hours against the Bots than anyone here. These are "MY" observations. (Not necessarily credible l0l)
    1. They are erratic and will raise even when they have nothing.
    2. They are great at hitting a river.
    3. They will bank their winnings if necessary and come right back with less chips. (Makes you wonder if a former player or two was in on the programming lol)
    4. If you achieve a large enough stack you can make them fold before they get to the river sometimes.
    5. Unless you get really good at reading them it can take an hour to win 200-1000 chips. (You make that much faster if you can at least get 3rd in a tourney)
    6. Everyone has an equal chance to win. Sometimes they will drive crazy until you get the upper hand. Early in the process you can lose chips, sometimes even several hundred if you are playing higher antis.
    7. It is an option for me when I come to play and no one else is playing a tourney. I am grateful for them because I can stay and play if I want.

    They aren't for everyone taste or liking, but I hope this post maybe will give some info that may be helpful if you want to play. :)
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  2. MissMousse

    MissMousse New Member Chief Bazinga

    i like playing them to make "lunch money". just something to do to pass away some boring time.
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  3. Morph172

    Morph172 New Member

    I too have noticed the bots hit the river an extremely large part of the time, 3 or 4 times out of 5 hands, which seems a little too outrageous to me, but thats just my opinion.
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  4. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    The program site wide NOT just with the bots on the rings rewards the river way more than in real life.... we all know the best hand can lose to the river its common sense but not to the amount of river hits here in my opinion..

    Its different than the old site where more often than not it was a river flush to take out 2 pr or a set , here it could be as low as a higher pair on the river which again is the reality of card playing you will lose on the river occasionally.... but not as often as here at least in my opinion and experience with playing real cards. It seems like the program is geared to have river hits quite often , perhaps to reward people who stay in the hand or something?

    As for the rings and the bots I haven't played them in quite a while but when i did i never once left the table down chips and usually i would take the bot chips, but i just have better things to do than sit and play boring bots for an hour to win a few hundred chips. If i play i like to converse on the tables, that is part of the reason to play here in the first place is the camaraderie the joking and the talking on the tables, none of which happens with the bots ( they must be stuck up or

    I realize some people want to play when no one is here , and for that reason its great to have the bots to allow people to play them , but complaining they are too hard etc is ridiculous, you are playing against the program itself , the bots are part of the program , at a casino you are playing other people , but also the house..... against the bots its strictly the house ( program ) against you so you should know its geared in their favour..
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  5. Kittycat

    Kittycat New Member RoyalRUSH

    I wanna kill da bots my swear jar is getting filled up again lol
    cheats and more cheats
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  6. kevin1971

    kevin1971 New Member Bazinga

    I played a few hundreds on omaha PL and Fixed and never experience bots banking (i did experience it on NL tables though)

    I know two (human) players that bank and a few seconds later return with minimum buy ins on PL and Fixed omaha...Dont know why people wanna bank 20-30 chips lol....Same two people never say a word on tables so i nearly consider them as boots

    All my earnings are from bots and daily sign in (I only played three or four tournies)

    I raise every hand no matter what i got in the end i will win anyway,,,,have never gone from a table with minus when i played the bots
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  7. GOTCHA2017

    GOTCHA2017 New Member

    Very funny, you made me laugh!
  8. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    Just a bit of humour with regards to the river situation, not meant towards anyone as over time we have all been rewarded and dumped on by the river..

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